© 2016: margareta.lindh@bam-solutions.com         Email: margareta.lindh@bam-solutions.com Sustainable change; One of the challenges for organizations is to adapt and profit from the opportunities induced by the business revolution. This change: be it economical, social, political or ecological might be pushed from outside communities: the market, laws and regulations, the environment, discoveries and inventions, or from within the organization: new products, new services, new tools, reorganization...  The complexity of these ever changing environment, challenges decision makers to constantly think out-of- the- box.  Gone are the days of traditional approaches to everyday problem solving or innovation.       So how do we deal with these? You ask! By investing in an expert system (ES) tailored to your distinctive “modus operandi”, which will create the best possible plans of actions to realizing  your goals and objectives; or improve on your already existing processes giving adequate considerations to your resources with respect to time constraints, man power and above all: cost. With this in mind, we at BAM Solution, a management and environmental consulting firm offer the best possible scientific and analytical methodology  in its profound sense,  in the form of  an intelligent system for Business and governmental organizations through a combination of GIS, socio-economic research methodology, a multi-audit approach also known as Activity Audit (in our words BAM Audits) and as usual good old fashion common sense.  We Know! The terminologies expert system ES, intelligence system IS have been around for a while. By definition, they could mean anything. There are three major entities in combination in life that constitute any system. Yes, we are referring to MAN, HARDWARE ( and we don't just mean computers) and ENVIRONMENT.                                                                                                                                                                                               Our concept as management consultants is the harmonization of all or any combination of these entities in relation to predefined goals and objectives of any organization according to the workings or culture of the organization, as we have found this to be very important in any problem solving and decision making environment.   “We aim to redefine  the terms effectiveness and efficiency!”